Anderson Dental has been operating and winning in Rapid City, South Dakota for over 30 years. They have become such a staple in the local area, our marketing agency had to create a dental website that conformed to the high standards of Anderson Dental’s practice. We analyzed the national market to find out what kind of a masterpiece we would have to create to put their dental website on a national pedestal.



Before we start any digital marketing project, we conduct highly thorough research to understand industry trends, consumer behaviors, and what users expect out of their dentist’s website. Scouring the web, we found the best examples of what a dental website had to offer. Similar to law firms, the about us, available treatments, promotions, and gallery pages the most common pages found and visited. Dental websites were being highly trafficked by new members in the community, and those frustrated with their current dentist. Dental website visitors want to learn more about the dental clinic, their specialization in practice, examples of their work, and affordability. Secondarily, dental website users want the ability to easily pay their bill or make an appointment online.



The success of Anderson Dental as a business, is largely due to their professional, advanced, and gentle approach. Kurt Anderson, owner of Anderson Dental, encourages an educational outlook to patient care that makes it a beautiful and inviting practice inside and out. In designing their dental website, we put careful thought into capturing those values and the overall atmosphere of the practice, establishing a clear brand position. Anderson Dental’s web design incorporated shades of blue for a professional yet soothing feel. The accents of yellow adds a warm feeling, contrasting well with the blue indicating page location and orientation. The layout/structure of the site emphasizes the pages and content we found to be important to the dental website user. The font choices used are a blend of serif and sans-serif fonts with good contrast and readability; serif fonts for indicating professionalism and quality, and sans-serif for the technological and modern practice aspects of the business. This contrasting blend effectively communicates the quality of patient care; but also emulates the cutting edge technology of the business.



The same structure used to align Anderson Dental’s website with user’s needs gave us insight in developing our SEO approach. Since Anderson Dental is a local community dentist, our emphasis during SEO development was the local search. Targeting competitive keywords for local dentists with emphasis on locations in and around the Rapid City area we drive local, convertible traffic to Anderson Dental’s website. Under the “Treatments” tab you will find subcategories pertaining to different problems and pains users might have. These secondary keywords were used to target the searches of our secondary target market. Picking up customers who were having pains and troubles treatable by the services of Anderson Dental’s practice.



Users searching for professional services primarily do so on their mobile device. Anderson Dental’s website is custom coded with our specific breakpoints to emphasize user experience regardless of the environment. As you squeeze Anderson Dental’s website you will see their important call-to-actions remain in focus and adjust to the changing environments. Mobile responsive development emphasizes fast load times and simplification. Anderson Dental’s responsive design and user experience has significantly improved on-site conversion and the acquisition of new clientele.



After our thorough research of nearly every industry leading dental website we could get our hands on, we were able to craft the dental website Anderson Dental always wanted and desired. A professional appeal of a comforting feel. A digital representation of what has, and always will distinguish Anderson Dental from the rest of Rapid City’s dental websites and clinics. As the organic SEO campaign has developed, Anderson Dental now sees over 12 times the traffic it did prior to our re-design and development. Anderson Dental’s clients now have a professional platform to make appointments, pay bills, and research treatments for whatever needs they may have. Likewise, Anderson Dental now has Rapid City’s best digital marketing tool to stay connected with his customer base and drive ongoing relationships.