Baloun Law is a Family Law Firm new to the Sioux Falls area. As a startup, Our marketing agency was responsible for brand identity creation, including new logo design and the creation of business resources. Modern Design Agency also designed and developed Baloun Law’s new website, optimized for their target market within Eastern South Dakota.



The cliché scales of justice and burgundy color schemes found standard within the legal industry have been beaten to death. This was something we wanted to stay as far away from as possible. Beth is younger and extremely driven, and with her background in psychology, she has a fresh approach to the practice of family law. We wanted to capture these same attributes and emotions within her website. Throughout our research, we found site after site of “powerful” law firm websites, all pushing the same scare tactics. While there are practices where that approach might make sense, Baloun Law was not one of them. We found a large number of web users were using law firm websites to find directions read about the attorneys, and directly connect. Instead users were more interested in the attorneys themselves, their approach, and finding useful information for their situations.



Attorneys can get a bad rap, and are often the butt of a poorly executed joke. The organization and layout of Baloun Law Firm’s homepage as a panel overview combat’s the stereotype, illustrating Baloun Law’s transparency and good-willed nature. As a family law firm dealing with clients who are undergoing incredibly stressful circumstances, we chose a fresh blue that emotes feelings of trust and energy. Balancing the bright blue is the neutral slate, portraying stability and her strong background in the field. We scheduled a photo session, as stock photos on a law firm website is so destructive to building a meaningful relationship. To further freshen and modernize the web design’s appeal, custom buttons and icons for each of the firm’s services were created.



Hours of research led us to understand people aren’t searching for a lawyer anymore. They’re searching for their services. With the rise of mobile web, users are realizing more specific searches return yield better results. A majority of searches within the field of family law were for divorce attorneys, child custody, child support, and adoption. While searches for divorce were high, so was the competition. Baloun Law prefers handling cases involving children and adoption, so this is where we pushed. Our enriched site content and local SEO has aligned Baloun Law’s services with the end of the search, and we have been able to directly connect with users in need of custody help and adoption.



Baloun Law Firm is a start-up, and as with any startup, they will need room to grow. We custom-coded Baloun Law’s website in WordPress, as we do all our sites, for this specific reason. An effective SEO campaign is an ongoing effort, and we provided the means. The FAQ portion of Baloun Law’s website is set up to be very simple to update. Unfortunately, for legal reasons, we weren’t allowed to create the responses to the frequently asked questions. On the other hand we were able to provide Baloun Law with a database of researched long-tail keyword phrases, optimizing their answers for mobile results. At any point in time Baloun Law’s site can be scaled to incorporate new attorneys and services, without having to start back at the drawing board.



Baloun Law Firm’s website is refreshing. It strays from the scales of justice standard used and abused throughout the industry. We were able to capture Baloun Law’s persona, and replicate it through ther web presence. Baloun Law Firm is younger and a breath of fresh air within the law firm industry. To connect with their specific target market, we employed the use of mobile targeting. With the use of long-tail keyword phrases, Baloun Law is able to connect with users searching on their cell phone or tablet. Although it has only been a few months since launch, our organic SEO campaign is already generating leads and proving to show a considerable amount of traffic.