JoJoLily Custom Jewlery & Engraving of Rapid City, SD is a newly formed ecommerce business specializing in custom jewelry and laser engravings. JoJoLily wanted to emphasize usability in the hands of the user. Custom smoothing of handwriting during on-site custom engraving design is on par with the best in the world, resulting in user-experience design like you’ve never seen.



The logo design our marketing agency developed was based off of the client’s desire for a “fun and young” feel, while also being relatable to other age groups and men and women alike. The master jeweler of JoJoLily had a very specific idea in mind for the representation of a lily flower. Working from his sketches, we were able to incorporate his artistic abilities into a beautiful logo design with the lily forming an abstract representation as it flows to the right of the logo. They also wanted something that could act as a stand-alone symbol, which is an abstract diamond form with a variation of yellow, white and black colors with the initials JJL centered within. The yellow shades represent an uplifting feeling of sunshine or flowers, while the black and white are used for dependability and refinement as this is quality hand-crafted jewelry from a master jeweler after all. The single style of handwritten font chosen initially for the design was tweaked to incorporate a sans-serif aspect as well. This represents the blending of modern and classical styles and an understanding of the large demographic of consumers who purchase jewelry items, whether a man or a woman; young or old.



Much of the color scheme of JoJoLily’s website design matches or closely resembles the logo design. This creates a unity of appearance and is easily recognizable as a branded marketing piece. The site also showcase both handwritten and serif fonts for contrast in readability and structural hierarchy but also uses sans-serif fonts for the modern aspect of the business. The overall website design is clean and simple, allowing for largely unobstructed viewing of the products being showcased. The implementation of red for “Shopping Cart”, “Log In”, and “Contact Us” denotes action and clearly separates those navigation items from the main navigation menu. An incorporation of a light blue color has been used for things like price and promotional imagery on the homepage. This quickly notions to the user that this is something of importance they should be looking at. The overall structure of the site is unobtrusive to the user which allows them to quickly find what they are looking for or immediately start browsing products. Minimal design makes for a clear user experience in ecommerce design and doesn’t overwhelm with graphics, but rather the products themselves.



JoJoLily’s SEO and SEM campaigns are currently underway. JoJoLily’s site traffic will be driven as a combination of PPC and organic SEO through content marketing. We are currently undertaking this aspect of the project. We’ll keep you updated as it evolves!



The development needed for JoJoLily was the most tedious and advanced portion of the build. JoJoLily’s business model centers around the personal engraving of their custom designed jewelry. JoJoLily has a dedication to quality, as their master jeweler is one of the among the elite in the trade. Our proprietary customization options enable customers to engrave their own handwritten messages, all on site. We’ve all signed the digital pad’s at the grocery stores, and know how horrible our signature can appear as a result. Advanced coding smooths the paths of handwritten messages, leading to a beautiful and precise result. On the second side, site visitors upload any picture they would like engraved, and our custom coding etches their picture to see the result, all in real time.



JoJoLily’s website is stunning. Gorgeous sliders, heavy emphasis on user experience, in combination with their master jeweler’s incredible talent makes JoJoLily Custom Jewelry amongst the best custom jewelry experiences in the nation. Now that the site has been officially launched, emphasis switches to marketing the company. We told you every piece of your digital marketing campaign is a cog of the bigger, digital guerilla right? We are excited for JoJoLily’s success and will keep updated as we continue on our journey.